Welcome home!

We're a bunch of ordinary people, from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. Yet somehow, by God's work in us, we all get along (mostly!). Kind of like a normal family. Following our morning worship, it's not uncommon for folks to hang around for another hour with coffee, tea, snacks and fellowship. I guess we like each other!

Our worship style is a blend of the best of traditional and contemporary music. Preaching is Biblical and most often with an expository approach (explaining the text), with an emphasis on understanding the Bible, not for it's own sake, but in order to live in better harmony with God and each other. We make use of the gifts of many people during our worship (and throughout the week!).

We're hungry to know God more, and to live our lives before Him better and better. From September through May (and sometimes into June), there are several small Bible studies that meet either weekly or every other week. Most of these Bible studies are inductive, and conversational. None are "lecture style." Sometimes in the course of these discussions folks have real, and sometimes difficult questions, which are always welcome (even if they stump us!).

You'll find us to be a welcoming and friendly people. Come check us out sometime! We trust you'll feel right at home here.